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Entrepreneurs, turned investors. 

Whilst we are investors, we are entrepreneurs at heart.


Having started, built and sold many businesses we understand the business journey from start to finish through the eyes of an entrepreneur.


Many private equity investors do not have this experience and purely look at a business in terms of financials/numbers having never ran one or experienced the challenges of running a SME.

This experience sets us apart.


We see ourselves more as a facilitator,  we back winners, which starts not only with being a long established profitable business, but with having a great team. 


Our job is to provide the tools, resources and most importantly the capital to a business to enable it to grow. We don’t interfere with the day to day (but happy to roll our sleeves up) but will bring our experience & resources to the table to enable a business to grow.



Paul Seabridge, our CEO says:


“Sometimes people disagree with me on this – business owners sometimes say the most important person in a business is its customer – and whilst customers are important (without them there is no business) for me the most important person (or people) are the staff. Our people.


Whenever we get involved in a new business our mission is to create the best place to work in that particular industry.


This encompasses employee engagement, rewards, recognition, personal & professional development. Whether you are a new trainee or the Managing Director our job is to give people the best tools, resources & development opportunities to grow professionally. Look after our people and the customers will be taken care of.”

This ethos is one of our non-negotiables.

What We Provide

Our Motto - Our people come first

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