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We Make Sure We Are The Safe Pair Of Hands Your Sell Your Business To.

Who Are We

We´re a family investment firm composed of a very experienced senior management team.

Having started our own businesses and becoming entrepreneurs, we have found the struggles that most SMEs face when trying to growth their businesses.

Opulentia Capital was born out of a need for SMEs to access capital, scale and exit.


Having started in the recruitment industry, we have now participated in over 23 industries, made over 250M+ worth of transactions, been involved as shareholders in 60+ businesses.


We are now looking to work with businesses with £1m-£100m/year in revenue and profitable



90 +

250M +

Involved Acquisitions

Transactions Value

Years In Business

What We Do

We make sure we are the safe pair of hands you sell your business to.


While we not only take care of the monetary aspect of your exit, we also make sure to provide opportunities to your current staff, protect the legacy of your brand and look for inorganic & organic growth opportunities for the business

Business Conference

How We Create Value

​We are well placed to provide our clients with a full suite of services, from private equity expertise, transaction experience to corporate services, in order to drive change in the investment of SMEs to help them scale.

Recent News

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