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Unlock the secrets of successful M&A: Proven strategies and tactics

How we bought a 50m company and have turned it into 100m in under 2 years

March 14th, 8:30 AM UK TIME

Event content:
-Successful Case Study

1. Outreach

2. 1st Call

3. Executive NDA + Financials

4. Financial Analysis

5. Proposal Call (+Rapport)

6. Issue HOT´s

7. DD Checklist

8. Financial Projection

9. Arrange Financing

10. Legals

11. Closing



-Legal procedure 

  1. NDA & Joint Venture Agreement


  • Clauses in NDA: Making everything condifential

  • How to collaborate with 3rd Parties for faster growth & more deals: JV Contract 


  2. Legal Due Diligence


  • Due-Diligence: What to look for to not get into legal/financial/operational troubles 

  • Redflags and how to tackle this against the Share Purchase Agreement


  3. Share Purchase Agreement & Disclosure Letter


  • What is a Share & Purchase Agreement? The Importance of a SPA

  • Key negotiating clauses inside a SPA

  • Warranties

  • Disclosure letter and how to link it with SPA


  4. Shareholders Agreement


  • Key clauses to stay in control of shareholders agreements.

-How to analyze Companies & Structure deals in 30 minutes or less: 

How to analyze companies & structure deals in 30 minutes or less:


  • What information is needed to value a company?

  • Assessing fundability of each deal

  • Reviewing and analyzing key financial figures and metrics

  • Assessment of a company's asset base to estimate funding

  • Determining the final valuation and the best possible deal structure for the acquisition

-Investment opportunities


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