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Our vision is to partner up with well run, entrepreneurial businesses.


Enabling them to scale & access to capital. 


We´re a family investment firm composed of a very experienced senior management team.

Having started our own businesses and becoming entrepreneurs, we have found the struggles that most SMEs face when trying to growth their businesses.

Opulentia Capital was born out of a need for SMEs to access capital, scale and exit.


Having started in the recruitment industry, we have now participated in over 23 industries, made over 250M+ worth of transactions, been involved as shareholders in 60+ businesses.


We are now looking to work with businesses with £1m-£100m/year in revenue and profitable. 

Meet The Team


Paul Seabridge

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Paul is Group CEO and leads Opulentia Capital. Paul is a published author, global entrepreneur and leading M&A expert. He has personally transacted over 60 deals & advised on 100s more.


Mathew Wainwright

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Mathew Wainwright, holds a bachelors in engineering and is the Director of Operations within Opulentia Capital. Native in both English and Spanish, he has international experience working with successful high-growth tech startup marketplaces to large industrial companies. Having international exposure in Private Equity and Management consulting companies. 


Goran Pregelj

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Goran is a global investor and manages deal origination & pipeline of acquisitions. Goran is a leading Private Equity expert with over 20 years experience working with SMEs.


Ben Seabridge

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Ben brother to Paul, leads & oversees all of our investments post completion.Ben successfully built a global recruitment business before becoming a privateinvestor in SMEs.


David Marin

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David Marin holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and a Master's in Law and Legal Practice from BPP London University, with a special focussed on corporate law. David is now responsible for our in-house legal department, where he assists in providing legal documentation, understanding the legal and tax implications of different M&A-related transactions and supporting negotiations to execute opportunities. David joined us in March 2022, and by the end of that year, he helped to close ten business acquisitions for an estimated value of £50 million.


Maxim Kimryakov

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Max Kimryakov is an accomplished senior financial analyst working at Opulentia Capital with broad-based expertise in M&A services. He holds both a Business and Law degree from IE University as well as certifications in Corporate Finance and blockchain / fintech from University of Chicago and MIT respectively. Max has an extensive experience in the EMEA & US markets where he has secured financing for more than 10 projects totalling more than half a billion in value. Among his expertise, he has an ample range of projects starting with commercial, industrial sectors, as well as hospitality, infrastructure, and renewable energy.


Janet Barnes

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Janet Barnes is our Executive Assistant with over 20 years administration experience along with people management skills she brings a varied wealth of knowledge to the team. She is great at multi tasking and super organised ensuring that all the things that need to happen behind the scenes are done smoothly and efficiently

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Aaron King

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Aaron is based in Australia and leads all of our M&A activity from our Melbourneoffice. He is an investor in SMEs.


Simon Martin

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Simon is a Chartered Accountant and has 17+ years experience in senior finance roles. He started his career at KPMG and has gone on to lead finance teams in SME’s and PLC’s across a number of industries.

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John Kavanagh

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John has over 30 years experience in nearly all aspects of UK & International tax and founder of UK Tax consulting. Prior to founding UKTC he spent time working with HMRC and Deloitte where he qualified as a chartered tax adviser.

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Greg Sher

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Greg has over 20 years experience in corporate & commercial law and is currently a Partner at law firm Gunner Cook. He has advised on & had experience of acquisitions, disposals, MBOs, MBIs, PE transactions as well as IPOs, capitalreductions & buybacks.

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Mark Birchall

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Mark leads finance & group integration post acquisition. He has operated in a variety of SMEs & corporate structure from owner manager businesses, PE funded & Public Company with particular experience in acquisitions and disposals.

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Carlo Paguio

Ander Wainwright

Fergus Prutton

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Carlo Paguio is the JV Managing Partner for Asia and the Pacific. He is a business development executive who has spent almost a decade working with public and private entities across Asia and Europe. He’s an avid macroeconomist.

Ander Wainwright is the Marketing Operations Analyst for Opulentia Capital who is in charge of Social Media and setting up different pipelines. 

Fergus joined Opulentia Capital as an Associate Director in March 2023, having previously worked M&A roles for a corporate finance boutique and private equity group. Having successfully executed both buyer and sale mandates, his expertise lies within in the sale process where he works closely with vendors to ensure a smooth transaction through to completion. Fergus also holds a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate from the University of Westminster.

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